Do It Yourself DIY Home Security

Continuing on today with our 7 part series covering the basics of home security, in which we have already spoken about why we need equipment, how an alarm system works, and home security equipment, today we will talk about monitoring.

Do It Yourself DIY Home Security

Do It Yourself DIY Home Security

Monitoring is a critical component of a safe home security system. Without 24/7 monitoring, an alarm system is nothing more than a noise-maker – and certainly won’t do much to protect your home if you’re not there.
A team at the center works round-the-clock, ready to take action in the event that your alarm system signals an alert. Monitoring personnel first contact you, to confirm that the alert is real. (False alerts are common, in circumstances such as when a family member comes home after the system is already armed.) If the alert is real, the monitoring team dispatches the appropriate local authorities, such as the police or fire department or paramedics.



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