Wireless Home Alarm Systems DIY

We will continue out 7 part series about the basics of home security by talking about wireless home security.
Traditionally, home security components were wired together, to enable the necessary communication between the sensors and the control unit. Today, wireless is a major trend in the home security market, because wireless alarm systems are easier to install and operate. They also provide better functionality and a higher degree of safety.
Setting up wireless home alarm systems DIY equipment is so easy that most homeowners choose to do it themselves. There is no wiring or complicated connections. Users have the flexibility of setting up the system at their convenience, without having to arrange a professional technician’s visit. Wireless sensors can easily move from one location to another, and you can add new sensors to enhance your system at any time. Of course most users feel the biggest advantage is having no installation fee.

Many wireless home security systems offer an option for cellular monitoring, and this is the feature that will increase your level of safety. A cellular-based alarm system has a cellular signaling device built into the control unit. The system then uses a secure cellular network to communicate with the monitoring center, rather than using your home phone or internet lines. The cellular connection is much more reliable, because hard-wired lines are vulnerable to weather, power outages, and even burglars. Burglars learned to defeat wired security systems by cutting the phone lines.

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