Complete Home Monitoring

If you’re considering any security solution that isn’t monitored 24/7, forget it. Monitoring is critical, especially when you’re not home, but also when you are unable to get to the phone, or unaware of the potential crisis (like when you’re fast asleep, for example, at your most vulnerable).

Complete Home Monitoring

Complete Home Monitoring

Today, most home security systems include professional  home monitoring. But don’t check off this category unless the monitoring plan covers all types of emergencies. Intrusion prevention is usually Job 1. But a fire emergency can be even more devastating to your home and family than burglary. Carbon monoxide or natural gas leaks could, in fact, be fatal. Frozen, burst pipes in your attic could cause thousands of dollars in damages. Same with a leaky hose in your laundry room.

Complete Home Monitoring

You also want to be covered for unexpected medical emergencies. Any home security company you’re considering should automatically monitor for all factors that could threaten you or your family, like Security One does! Make sure you also understand the fees associated with the monitoring plan. Many companies monitor for intrusion, but add on several extra charges if you want complete protection.


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